As an award-winning creative agency,
VYB collaborates to create
engaging visual content
in various
formats and sizes that genuinely add
value to brands.

Using evolving concepts, we are master
creators of bespoke content that generates
the highest level of audience engagement and
involvement. We love to weave great visuals
with dynamic content to create magic on

Creating Video Content
with Brand Intelligence

Focusing on establishing an emotional
connection with your audience,
we transform a creative vision to life.

Through inventive content and
immersive experience, we create a
narrative that evokes an emotional
response - a powerful form of storytelling
to communicate your brand story to the world.

National Sale Meet 2019
  • Launch video creation to showcase the features of the product.

National Insulin Summit
  • On screen content creation, communicating brand message.

National Sale Meet 2018
  • On screen content creation, communicating brand message for the event.

Fiasp Launch
  • Product launch video to increase product awareness and brand visibility.


Event Content Services

Corporate Events

Corporate Events

Creating engaging content to communicate brand messages in an effective way moulded with best creative ideas.



Creating inventive content to communicate key messages in inspirational and motivational way to capture the attention of conference and event attendees.



Creating powerful and dynamic awards show content transcending across audience while capturing the right tone of voice.




01 Objective Finding

Finding the objective of the event and understanding its goal for clear communication.

02 Research

Conducting research to identify challenges and recognize competitor advancements.

03 Brainstorm

Discussing the ideas and brainstorming the process through mind maps to understand how to use the huge screen with creative visuals to its utmost potential for a bigger impact.

04 Ideation

Further brainstorming and selecting the best one for ideation for execution.

05 Scribbles

Drafting and scribbling down inventive content to give life to the ideas for further visualisation.

06 Storyboarding

Scribbling down each scene of the video, organising the flow and visualising what every scene would look.

07 Deliver

The final output of delivering engaging content that creates a powerful impact on the audience.

Bringing Vision to Life
with Passion and Zeal

As a creative advertising agency, our aim is to create event screen content with the highest amount of audience engagement and involvement. We do this with passion and zeal to give audience an experience that is immersive and impactful.


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Frequently asked questions

Large-screen content is any content that is specifically designed to be displayed on large screens, such as digital billboards, video walls, or LED displays. It is typically created with the goal of capturing audience attention and promoting products or services.

Large-screen content can help businesses to capture the attention of a large number of people at once, making it an effective way to build brand awareness and promote products or services. It can also be more engaging than other forms of advertising, as it allows businesses to create dynamic and visually striking content.

To ensure that their large-screen content is effective, we focus on creating content that is visually striking, engaging, and easy to understand. We always consider the context in which the content will be displayed and tailor the content accordingly.

When creating large-screen content for outdoor displays, it is important to consider factors such as the size and resolution of the display, the viewing distance and angle, the lighting conditions, and the content's ability to withstand weather conditions such as wind and rain.

To create large-screen content that is accessible to all audiences, we generally consider factors such as color contrast, font size, and the use of audio and visual cues. We also ensure that the content is compliant with accessibility standards.

Large-screen content can help businesses stand out in their specific industry by providing a visually striking and engaging way to promote their products or services. By creating dynamic and attention-grabbing content, businesses can capture the attention of potential customers and build brand awareness. Additionally, by using large-screen content in innovative ways, businesses can differentiate themselves from other businesses and create a memorable brand experience.